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Six Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Automated Gates

If you've invested in an automated gate at your commercial or industrial facility, it's important that you properly maintain it to protect your investment. There are a few maintenance mistakes you need to avoid to keep your automated gate functioning properly as long as possible.

The following are six mistakes to avoid to keep automated gates at your facility in good condition:

Shirking on rust prevention efforts

One of the most important things you can do to ensure proper functioning through the years is prevent rust. Rust development on an automated gate isn't just unsightly. It can also impact functioning if it becomes extensive enough.

It's usually possible to scrub rust off of metal automated gate components using sandpaper. Inspect for rust and remove rust regularly to properly maintain metal components. 

Failing to periodically lubricate moving parts

If moving parts are not properly lubricated, they will wear out and break more quickly. The automation mechanism that allows automated gates to function can easily be disabled by inadequate lubrication. Working lubrication into maintenance procedures for parts including the chain, pulley, roller, and hinge is therefore very important. 

Allowing bolts to become loose over time

Bolts can become loose over time during the regular operation of an automated gate. This makes inspecting and tightening bolts when necessary an important task for properly maintaining automated gates. 

Neglecting routine inspections

Visual inspection of automated gates is important for detecting malfunctions before they become too serious. It's important to occasionally perform visual inspections of parts including the metals racks, drive belt, chain belt, electrical connections, and bearings.

If there are wooden parts on an automated gate, it's also important to inspect them to determine if they are in need of being stained or oiled to prevent issues like rot development. 

Never cleaning an automated gate

Simply cleaning automated gates on occasion is important to both aesthetics and functionality. You can wash and wax your gate often enough to keep the materials in good shape and to prevent salt from accumulating on metal parts and increasing the risk of rust development.

Failing to check an automated gate's auto reverse function to ensure proper functioning

The auto reverse function of an automated gate is important. Your gate needs to reverse and open back up if it starts closing and hits an obstruction. If the gate does not begin retracting after hitting an obstruction, it could easily become damaged by an obstruction while also creating a safety hazard. 

You can check the auto reverse function by putting an obstruction in the path of the closing gate while you are watching. Use an obstruction that you can hold on to and remove quickly once you see that the gate is not retracting.

If you see that the auto reserve function is not working, turn off power to the gate and have a technician look at it immediately. Visit a site like http://www.phoenixfence.com for more information.

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