Getting A New Dog? 4 Reasons You Should Fence Your Yard First

If you're going to be getting a dog soon, make sure your yard is properly fenced. The added security of a fence can help protect your dog from a wide variety of risks, and can even protect you too. If a full fence around your property isn't in the budget right now, choose a fenced-in dog run instead. A dog run will give your new pet plenty of room to roam, without being left alone in a yard that hasn't been secured properly. Here are just four of the reasons why your new dog needs a fenced yard.

Keep Your Dog Away from the Road

If you live near a busy street, one brief moment out of the yard could spell disaster for your dog. Drivers don't always see dogs, especially when they dart out into traffic from between parked cars, which means your new pet could be run over by a car right in front of your home. Protect your new dog. Have dog fencing installed as soon as you can.

Keep Your Dog Out of Fights

When you don't have fencing around your yard, neighborhood dogs will be able to gain access to your new pet. If you have aggressive dogs in your neighborhood, they could attack your new pet while it's outside. The last thing you want is to have your dog involved in a fight right in your own yard. You can prevent dog fights by keeping your dog in a fenced yard, or enclosure.

Protect Against Unwanted Pregnancy

If you're not going to be having your dog spayed or neutered, or you're going to wait until it's older, you're risking unwanted pregnancies by leaving it out in an un-fenced yard. If you don't want to be human parents to numerous litters of puppies, it's a good idea to have a fence installed around your yard. Not only that, but if you have a male dog, you'll be preventing your pet from becoming the unwitting canine parent to litters of pups throughout the neighborhood. Prevent those unwanted canine pregnancies by fencing your yard before you bring your new dog home.

Protect You From Liability

You never know when a dog is going to get aggravated, and bite someone. Even when dogs are normally calm, they can be set off by something, or someone, around them. If your yard is un-fenced, and your dog gets loose and bites someone, you may be held legally liable for the injuries. You can protect yourself against liability by keeping your dog in a fenced yard. Visit a site like for more help.