Creating Outdoor Kennels For Your Animal Shelter

Even shelter animals need some time outdoors, but you need to make sure that each animal is safe and secure while outside. Here are a few options you can use to create welcoming outdoor kennels for your shelter animals to use for a bit of outside play.

Add Shaded Areas

You'll want to make sure that the animals have access to shade, particularly on hot days. This is true even if they will only be outdoors for a short period of time. You can add dog houses for this purpose, or you can add a partial roof to each kennel for this purpose. Be sure to place an outdoor cushion in the area as well so the animals can rest comfortably outside.

Install Fencing

Commercial chain link fencing, such as from Duke Fence Co Inc, can be a great option for separating each kennel. Be sure that your contractor installs fencing that is too tall for animals to jump over, and add a separate gate to each kennel for an easy way to let animals in and out of each one. If you'll be keeping cats outdoors for playtime, consider adding a roof crafted from chain link as well, and allow enough room in the kennels for the animals to move about freely. The chain link provides a secure option for animals large and small, so you can keep them safely separated while they are outside at play.

Build Comfortable Flooring

Concrete pads can become hot in the sun, and bare earth can end up leaving animals muddy after the rain. Consider using pet-friendly artificial turf instead of these other options. The turf has natural drainage, so the animals can relieve themselves as needed, and the texture is soft and inviting. Because it doesn't need to be cut, the turf also offers a low-maintenance option that can benefit busy shelters.

Add Some Fun Stuff

For kennels that will be used by cats, add some outdoor accessories they can use to climb and explore. Plastic playground sets for children can be ideal for dogs who want to get a little playtime in. Look for a range of toys and accessories to keep the animals in your shelter entertained while they play outside.

Remember that the animals shouldn't be left outside all of the time. These kennel ideas are to give the animals in your shelter access to fresh air and a break from life inside of the shelter. Work with your team to create a rotating schedule so all animals that want to venture outside can do so safely.