Five Benefits Of Chain Link And Coated Chain Link Fencing

Commercial chain link fencing has numerous benefits over many other kinds of fencing. As you consider all the different types of fencing you could use to frame your yard, examine your own willingness to keep up with maintenance and/or contain and protect your property. Most of all, consider the following benefits of chain link and powder-coated, colored chain link fencing.

It Looks Better Than Chicken Wire

Some homeowners choose a very country-type of fencing material to enclose their properties—chicken wire. The terrifying thing is that they are content with this, while their neighbors are horrified. If you are considering chicken wire because it is cheap and quick to install, step back. A chain link fence will be a little more expensive, but it looks much nicer and it is far more permanent. Additionally, you can opt for the powder-coated, colored versions, which add a decorative splash of color to your fence and your yard.

It Is More Durable Than Any Other Fence You Could Install

Chain link fence looks as though it would eventually break down, wear out, and rust. Not so. In fact, if you go around your city and look at all of the places that have commercial chain link fences, you will see that rust is practically non-existent.

That is because these fences are made with galvanized steel and coated with a special polymer that prevents rust from ever occurring. Unless these fences are hit head on with a car or truck, they are unlikely to be damaged either, unlike a wood or vinyl fence. During a natural disaster, other fences are quickly torn up or torn apart, but chain link fences remain standing.

If You Do Not Like Cold Gray Steel, Pick a Powder-Coated Color

Sure, cold gray steel is a little too industrial for most people's tastes, but you can change that too. Using powdered paint and an electroplating process, these fences are "painted" in a variety of colors. Bright grass green is the most popular, although you can also select white, black, red, navy blue, yellow, and two-toned, too. With the two-toned versions, the posts and top rails are of one color, while the chain links are another color. If you select two colors that compliment the color of your home, the results are quite aesthetically pleasing.

Chain Link Gates Are Lockable

If you were to select a wood fence, stone fence, or vinyl fence, you would probably end up with a gate that latches but does not lock. Unfortunately, this does not deter anyone from unlatching the gate and walking right into your yard. However, if you were to get a chain link fence, the matching gates to these fences are lockable. As you swing down the U-shaped latch, a hole underneath the latch reveals a place to insert a padlock, which is most effective if you want to keep a guard dog in and people out.

Chain Link Fences Are Their Own Alarm Systems

If you ever tried to climb a chain link fence in your schoolyard as a kid, then you know how noisy these fences are. Anyone who tries to climb your fence to get into your yard will make more than ample noise for you to hear them and chase them off (or call the police). Hence, chain link fences are their own alarm systems. Can you say the same for a wood or vinyl fence, which are impossible to climb, or for a stone fence, which is often a very silent climb? Choose the chain link fence for all of the above benefits and get it installed today.

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