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An Introduction to 3 Types of Fence Repairs

No matter what type of fencing you have protecting your property, you want to make sure you keep it in good shape. If you allow your fence to have unrepaired damage then you may find that the damage gets worse and you are also leaving your property open to things like wandering animals coming on the property, your animals escaping, people sneaking onto your property and other issues.

Wooden Fence Repairs

If you have a wooden fence then there are quite a few ways it can get damaged. It may get weak as time goes on, especially if it wasn't properly weather treated. Fences can also get wind damage, be damaged from a dog who repeatedly claws and bites at it trying to get out of the yard and more. If you have broken boards then you want to remove them and the nails that once held them in place. Then, have the same size piece cut at a hardware store and nail them in place with new nails. Clear coat them with a good sealer as well.

Chain Link Repairs

A chain link fence is generally weather resistant and extremely durable. However, the posts can come loose if they are put under too much stress or by being hit with a large piece of machinery, etc. Also, the links can be cut by a person trying to gain access to your yard. If a fence is ignored for years then rust can also damage it. If you have loose posts then you should have them repaired right away so the fence doesn't fall. If you have a hole in the fence you can close the hole with wire, but should consider having it repaired properly as soon as you can.

Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

If you have a wrought iron fence then you know how strong they are. However, they can still undergo damage if they are run into by something big or if they end up getting rust damage. If you have a part of the fence that is broken, you may find that it is now a sharp and dangerous piece of metal. You should have a company like Crown Fence Co come out to repair it right away so no one gets injured.

If you find that your fence is beyond repair, or you just want to have a new one put up, then you should consider going with a chain link one that's quite versatile.

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