Fences: Aluminum And Wood Compared

If you're going to change, or install a completely new fence on your property, you have a lot to think about. Not only do you have to consider the style and size of your fence, you also need to think about what material will be best for your needs. Some fencing materials are extremely stylish, but require more maintenance. Others might be easy to take care of, but not easy on the eyes. This article compares aluminum and wood fences. It should help you decide which is better for your particular needs and budget.


Wood is a material that has been used in fence building every style for centuries. It is a practical, natural product that people love for a number of reasons. The absolute best reason for choosing a wood fence is the style. Not only is wood naturally stylish, it can be stained or painted any color on the spectrum. This means that you have a lot of freedom of design and the ability to more closely match your fence with your home.

This also gives you a lot of flexibility with your style in the longterm. If you ever decide to repaint your fence because you repainted the walls of your house, you have the option of making sure your property always looks coordinated and up to date. Homeowners who install fiberglass, vinyl, or metal fences are often disappointed when they change the color of their building, but they cannot easily change the color of their fence to match.

The only drawback to wooden fences is it that they do require a little bit of maintenance over the years. If your wood is not sealed with oil or stain, it will be susceptible to water damage. The structural integrity of your fence can be compromised if the seal wears off and the wood grains start to warp or split, warp, or separate due to moisture.

Aluminum Fences

Most people think of chain link when they imagine aluminum fencing. However, aluminum fences are actually made in panel and other styles. So, you can have a solid aluminum fence. Modern aluminum fences are popular because they are so much easier to take care of than wood. Most aluminum railings have fake wood textures that add some style to the fence.

Aluminum fences are painted using electrostatic techniques. This creates a super durable and reliable finish. You don't ever need to repaint or stain an aluminum fence. Overall, the time and money that you will save over the years with aluminum is something to consider.

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