Sprinkler Or Hose: Which Is The Best Option For Your Yard?

While surveying the areas to be watered, the homeowner can consider a number of options to utilize in order to water.  Those options could include using a soaking hose, ordinary hose, or sprinkler.  Consequently, their options for what water process to use could depend on a number of factors.  Those factors could include the size of the area to be irrigated or possible water restrictions.  Another factor that could be a determining factor as to whether a sprinkler or hose is the best option for the yard includes the lifestyle of the individual.

Size of Area

When considering either a sprinkler or hose and which are the best option for your yard, one of the important considerations would be the size of the yard.  If the yard is large, it may be best to use a sprinkler system, due to the time that it may take to complete the whole yard. Therefore, a sprinkler system would provide better time management.  Additionally, using a sprinkler system to water the yard would prevent the need from obtaining a very long hose or coupling a number of hoses together. You can use a sprinkler trenching company to do a controlled dig to plant permanent sprinklers in your yard that are spaced for the greatest efficiency. 

Water Restrictions

Due to some geographical areas experiencing drought conditions or water conscious communities trying to conserve water, the owner of the home may be operating under water restrictions.  Therefore, if you're using a hose, the reality is that using a garden hose often contributes to the waste of water unless the user attaches a nozzle of some sort.  However, if you use a sprinkler system, they can effectively and efficiently maximize water usage.   Of course, with the sprinkler system it is important to make sure that just the yard is being watered and other foliage, but not watering the patio or another non-plant area.  The homeowner could also consider the installation of an automatic sprinkler system.


If the homeowners have an active lifestyle they may not be available in their home at that the times required to water the lawn.  This could be due to the family's work obligations or perhaps they are retired.  In either case, this may be a major consideration of what water system to use.  Obviously, if using a water hose, this would require the presence of the person in order to water the lawn and manage the hose and aim the stream.  However, if a sprinkler system is used it can be set on a timer and programmed allowing for the watering of the lawn to take place whether the owner is there or not.