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Comparing Wood And Vinyl Fences

Many tract homes are built without fences. So, installing a new fence is one of the first home remodels that new homeowners invest in. While there might be homeowners association rules and building code you need to consider, you usually get to pick the material and style of your fence. This article looks at a few of the best fencing materials for residential usage. It specifically focuses on their maintenance requirements, so it should help you decide which is best for your needs.

Hardwood Fencing

Hardwood has long been used for fencing. It is a durable product, but most people choose it because it is stylish. That is, there are materials that are far more durable and easier to maintain than wood, but many people still prefer the natural choice. First of all, people love the way that wood ages naturally over time. The antique look of wood is very desirable. In fact, you will notice that all of the other synthetic products are made with fake wood textures and designs. Wood is generally considered to be the most stylish option, whether it is going to be painted a solid color, or left exposed. Rock, exposed wood looks great, especially for trees and natural landscaping.

Vinyl Fencing

However, many people are unwilling to deal with the necessary maintenance of owning a wooden fence. This is why homeowners are attracted to synthetic materials like vinyl. The best part about vinyl that is completely waterproof. Unlike a wooden fence, it is not going to fade significantly over time. In fact, you don't ever need to think about repainting or refinishing vinyl. Vinyl fencing products are also very popular because they are modular. That is, the slats in rails can be attached to the post without any fasteners. Precut slots enable you to quickly attach the separate pieces with hardly any tools. Vinyl is definitely a great product if you plan on installing your own fence.

In the end, you need to decide on the cost and time commitment of the longterm maintenance of any product that you choose. That is, if you are willing to undertake the maintenance to keep up a wooden fence, it is definitely a great choice. However, if you just want a material that you can install, and never need to worry about, vinyl is the product for you. Either will make your property more stylish, and add some functionality to your yards.

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