Wood Is Still A Smart Fence Material

A fence is one of the most affordable exterior add-ons you can invest in. If you have a home that could use a little flair, a stylish fence can do wonders for your property. On top of this, a fence will make your property much more usable and enjoyable, especially if you have a grass lawn and children or pets who like to play on it. This article looks at wooden fences, and explains why you should consider this stylish, old-fashioned, yet reliable material.

Wood vs. Synthetic Products

When it comes to fencing, you might notice that many modern fences are being built out of synthetic products. Materials like vinyl and fiberglass do have a few advantages. Most importantly, these synthetic materials are waterproof, so they can withstand the elements, and they never need to be painted or stained. Wooden fences need to be refinished over the years, and this can be a time consuming project that some homeowners don't want to deal with. However, it is vital to point out that the synthetic fences don't age as beautifully as wood. When wood ages, it picks up a nice patine, looks antique, and many people think it looks even more stylish. When synthetic materials fade, the finish loses its luster, and looks outdated and dull. Basically, an old vinyl fence isn't going to look as good as an old wooden fence.

Caring for Wooden Fences

As mentioned, wooden fences are going to require a little more TLC over the years. Most importantly, the homeowner needs to refinish the fence to protect it from moisture. Also, wood can be susceptible to termite damage. The fence is going to receive a lot of moisture, which is going to cause it to age very quickly if it is not properly cared for. However, this is a process most people only need to worry about once every 5-10 years. It isn't something you need to do every year, but it really depends on where you live.

In the long run, you probably won't regret investing in a wooden fence. It is a proven, functional, and stylish material. It is hard to argue against the style of real wood, especially when you look at the synthetic products and realize that all of them are made with a fake wood finish. So, it makes sense to most homeowners to just buy an actual wood fence. Contact companies like AAA Fence LLC for estimates and more information.