4 Common Types of Residential Fences

Fences serve many purposes on residential and commercial properties. They keep out intruders, prevent animals from wandering, and even safeguard children. If your property currently lacks a fence, you can have one constructed by a fence building company. Fence builders will mark the perimeter of your property, taking accurate measurements for the fence they will construct. A fence company can create the fence you need from one of several materials. Here are some common fences that people choose for their residential needs.

1. Chain-Link Fence

A chain-link fence is an inexpensive option that can be quickly installed. This variety of fence is constructed from metal posts that are spaced approximately ten feet apart. The chain link is attached to these posts using tension wire. Chain link fences don't provide a lot of privacy, but they are durable and weather-resistant. Chain link fences are excellent for backyard enclosures. This type of fence will keep pets and children in your yard.

2. Wooden Fence

Some homeowners prefer wooden fences for their aesthetic appeal. Wood is a natural material that offers a farm-style charm when left unpainted. Wooden fences can offer greater privacy than chain link fences. Your wooden fence can be built as high as you desire. Some people prefer shorter fences to add visual appeal to their front yards. Other people prefer taller fences to shield their yard from street view. Discuss your options with the fence builders you hire to carry out the construction.

3. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are another popular choice. Vinyl is a type of plastic. It is waterproof and easy to clean with soap and water. Vinyl fences are often manufactured in white, but you may purchase other colors if you prefer a different style or color scheme. Vinyl fences are lightweight. They are manufactured in pre-made panels, which means they are easy to install. Like a wooden fence, a vinyl fence will provide your family with privacy.

4. Security Fence

Security fences are typically made from hard materials, such as iron. They are tall enough to keep intruders out. Security fences may feature pointed fence toppers to dissuade intruders from climbing the fence. Security fences may be installed with a locking gate if you desire. These fences are often built around the perimeter of a property. Peace of mind is important. Some homeowners feel safer when they know there is a sturdy fence protecting their home.

To learn more, contact a fence company near you.