Choose Cedar Wood Fencing For Your Backyard When You Want A Beautiful And Strong Fence

Choosing the right material for your backyard fence can be challenging. You may want the most attractive option if your fence is on a corner lot and much of it is visible. However, you also want fencing that's durable and will last a long time. Cedar wood fencing just might be the right choice. Here are the reasons why.

Cedar Fencing Has An Attractive Appearance

Cedar tends to have a more pleasing appearance than less expensive pressure-treated wood that can have a cheap look about it, especially if the copper used to treat the wood leaves green stains. Cedar is more expensive than pressure-treated pine, but it's less expensive than redwood, so it's a cost-effective option when you want fencing that's attractive when it's installed and still attractive years later.

Be sure to ask your fencing contractor about how well different types of wood age. The changes you see after a decade could be significant between cheaper quality wood and cedar. However, keeping up with maintenance that includes staining makes a big difference in how your fence ages.

Cedar Resists Decay And Insect Damage

A good quality of cedar is that it has natural oils that repel insects, so it's not necessary to treat the wood with chemicals. However, when you want your fence to have the longest life with the least amount of maintenance, it's a good idea to leave a few inches of space between the bottom of the fence and the soil. This helps the bottom of the fence stay dry and away from insects like termites.

Cedar fencing often has a strong aroma that gives your yard an enticing scent. As long as you can smell the aroma from your fence, you know the fence is still able to repel insects.

You Don't Have To Stain Cedar

You may have difficulty deciding if you want to stain your cedar wood fencing. It depends on the look you prefer and how well the fence will age without staining. Staining may need to be done every few years, and it keeps the original color of the fence intact. If you love the look of fresh cedar, then you'll probably want to stain your fence. However, you probably won't want to paint it as that would cover up the beautiful color and grains of cedar.

If you love the look of wood fencing when it gets old and oxidizes to a gray color, then you might want to forego staining and let your fence age naturally. That reduces the amount of maintenance you need to do. Whether you stain the fence or not, you'll want to keep up with repairs so the fence stands strong and lasts for many years.